Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Madonna Black Mass performance in her TOUR 2012

This time I would like to write more about Kabbalah as Madonna started her MDNA Tour that is expected to have 90 performances, becoming Madonna's longest tour to date.
The show begins with a red (bloody) illuminated crucifix bearing the letters MDNA.

Madonna’s Black Mass included monks turning into male strippers along with guts, guns and satanic symbols being flashed on the walls. 

Even The Telegraph reports it in the article:

Madonna tells Israel:
you can’t be a fan of mine and not want world peace
Madonna, whose conversion to the esoteric Jewish sect Kabbalah sparked an unlikely trend in Hollywood, launched her world tour in Tel Aviv last night with a plea for peace in the Middle East.
The American singer greeted 30,000 Israeli fans in Tel Aviv’s Ramat Gan Stadium with the declaration: “You can’t be a fan of mine and not want peace in the world”. “We all bleed the same colour,” Madonna told her ecstatic crowd, standing against the backdrop of an enormous illuminated crucifix and satanic symbols. “If we can all rise above our egos and our titles and the names of our countries and our religions, and treat everyone around us with dignity and respect, then we are on the road to peace. If there is peace here in the Middle East, there can be peace in the whole world.”
The diva then went on to perform her song “Gang Bang” accompanied by images of blood stains, video clips showing the singer spraying bullets from both a hand gun and a machine gun, and closing on the phrase “die, bitch!”
Israel’s ultra-orthodox community, however, were outraged that the “Like A Virgin” singer was performing in the Jewish state. A report in religious journal ‘HaEda’ described the tour as “disgraceful” and claimed rumours the “famous gentile singer” would be visiting religious sites in the country’s north had spared “pain and rage within the god-fearing community”. Madonna has reportedly postponed a planned tour of Galilee following protests by the local religious community.
- Source: The Telegraph
What is then Kabbalah ?

In a phrase, Kabbalah is esoteric Judaism and today also by esotericists in general.
Kabbalah is not just a set of texts, but also a means of approaching these texts – a process. Kabbalah is the root of the word ‘cabal’, meaning a secret intrigue or a small powerful group, often without any religious connotations. Kabbalists look for the inner meaning, the secret meaning, the esoteric meaning; they seek to discern the secrets of God and of creation.
Kabbalah seeks to define the nature of the universe and the human being, the nature and purpose of existence, and various other ontological questions. It also presents methods to aid understanding of these concepts and to thereby attain spiritual realisation.

What is the meaning of MDNA then ?

When, during the recent premiere of her movie titled, W.E., she was asked, “What does MDNA stand for?” the reply was, “Um, it stands for Madonna,” giving a sly wink. She later said, “I just like the play on words. Triple entendre.” Not double entendre, but triple. She is telling us plainly that there are multiple levels to the significance. It stands for more than Madonna on more than one level. She studies Kabbalah. She knows esoteric symbolism. What does she mean by this acronym?
When Jeff Davis III (Acceleration Blog - The DNA of Madonna) posted about Madonna titling her new album M.D.N.A. and noted the DNA. theme I recognized part of what was being signaled straight away, where M is a signal for the Beast (through the M as the 13th letter of the alphabet, and 13 is a key signal number for the Beast). Beast DNA. Because this is associated with Madonna, there's another angle, motherhood, more specifically, identification with the mother goddess Isis. The connection here is that Isis was the mother of Horus, and Horus is an identity of the Beast.
It's interesting how Madonna is a Kabbalist, a practicer of Jewish mysticism, a fact that, because of the obvious link to Mary, the mother of Jesus, a Jew, Judean, invites us to pursue this line of thought a little further. This Madonna bringing forth M.D.N.A. as her 12th album makes the 12 tribes of Israel another dot to connect, which in this context magnifies the theme of a Jewish Madonna bringing forth a Jewish son with Beast DNA, the antichrist (antiMessiah) beast. Is Madonna going to have a baby that will become the Beast? No, not literally, but this is a prophetic parable about his coming, highlighting the DNA element.

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